Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Not the Yellow Snow

For those of you who do not live on my street, the title of this post is in reference to the fact that my boys have a strong aversion to a restroom--preferring to pee off of my front porch every morning.

For my mom's sake, and for the most part, I have tried to tell them that this is not an acceptable practice everywhere.
Their dad chimes in, "Well, it is in Pike County."

Thanks for the support, Al.

In New Orleans, this is a violation that is called, "Contamination of the Water Supply." (I know, that is a weird name, but, only in NOLA do you get weird cop code like that!) You can spend a night in the slammer for it. I know you probably won't be arrested as a 5 year old, but, as my brother would tell you, it isn't as cute to a police officer when you are 17.

Like most of the Southeast, we woke up this morning to snow. Not a lot of snow at first, but, seeing as it hasn't snowed here since 1993, it was enough.
The kids wanted to go outside and play before church.
Elly just filled me in, the last snow was 2002.

Every Sunday morning, Al and I begin our day looking for leverage to get these kids hiney's moving faster than a snail's pace.

We offer lots of things: money, cars, pixie stixs for breakfast, "All, if, you will just hurry up and get in the tub!"

Usually we make it to church with only one of us in tears (Al), one of us "not feeling very church-y" (Me) and the dog babysitting 2 of our 4 kiddos. (I said, "Come on, or, I am going to leave you!")

All of it is true but the dog-babysitter part.

This morning the snow was our incentive.
The kids wanted to go outside and make a snowball.
And , they just couldn't resist a taste.

That's the part where Al's "It's-my-house-and-they-can-pee-off-the-porch-if-they-want-to" philosophy took a leak. (pun intended)

The kids were instructed to only eat the snow off of the fence.

When Addie wanted to know "Why?" I told her to ask Daddy.

He explained, "Only that snow tastes good. You know Sadie uses the yard as her potty."
Sure, blame it on the dog. She's the only babysitter that hasn't run away yet!

(Somebody please say something about how pitiful Sadie looks in this snow. If this picture had a tag line it would be: Look at our dog, she's freezing and wet and has been hit by like 15 snowballs. Sadie obviously didn't think the snow was as cool as the kids did. I guess we need to get her one of those dog sweaters for the next snow day. Poor dog. Not only does she have to live with us, and baby-sit for free, we make her go out in the cold snow, sans-dog sweater, just for a picture!)

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Darby said...

You got a lot more than we did... none of ours stuck... are you comin' next weekend? :)

Carrie said...

How Fun!!

If only I could train Scout to babysit I might get a haircut more often than once every 6 months!

Oh, and my kids were licking the snow off the trampoline. I'll try not to think about all of the birds that use if for a potty.

paula said...

The snow was fabulous! Oh, and your dog does look so sad:(

The Reeves Family said...

Love it!! My boys think the yard is their bathroom too!! One morning Ben pulled it out right before he got in the car to go to school. I mean we were in the garage. The nearest bathroom was as far away as the yard!!!

Elizabeth said...

Laura, I am laughing out loud! How funny is that about the "peeing off the porch" then the fact that NOLA has a law about it!! Do the lawmakers in NOLA ever venture off to Bourbon Street on a Saturday morning? How many Mardi Gras revelers actually go inside to use the potty? LOL! Anyway, you pictures are precious and your comments always make me laugh!!

P.S. The word I have to type to prove I am not a spam robot is "retardi." LOL, that fits me today as me and the kids are all home sick with the flu.